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Rubio Battles With 'Committed Isolationist' Rand Paul in Tense Clash Over Foreign Policy, Taxes


"I know that Rand is a committed isolationist, I'm not."

Republican 2016 rivals Marco Rubio and Rand Paul clashed during Tuesday's Republican presidential debate, arguing over the Florida senator's views on foreign policy and taxes.

The debate was ignited by Rubio's support of a child tax credit which Paul criticized as a "welfare transfer payment."

"About the tax credits, we have do decide what is conservative and what isn't conservative. Is it fiscally conservative to have a trillion dollar expenditure?" the Kentucky senator asked.

Rubio fired back, saying he was proud to invest in children or "the future of America." He then took a jab at Paul's foreign policy stance.

"Yes, I do want to rebuild the American military. I know that Rand is a committed isolationist, I'm not. I believe the world is a stronger and better place when the United States is the strongest military power in the world," he said.

Paul told Rubio "you cannot be a conservative if you're going to keep promoting new programs you aren't going to pay for."

Rubio answered saying America must remain the strongest military power on Earth, contending "we can't even have an economy if we are not safe."

Paul again responded, saying he wanted to protect America from bankruptcy and argued that as "we go further and further into debt, we become less and less safe."

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