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They're Getting Fed Up': Bill O'Reilly Reveals Exactly What He Believes Muslims Must Do to 'Condemn ISIS


"In this world there are so many radical Muslims..."

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly told an Islamic leader on Tuesday night that he believes that Muslims must launch a Million Muslim March as a public display to boldly and fervently speak out against the Islamic State.

"You need a Million Muslim March in Washington with national coverage to speak out against ISIS, so the whole world can see it," O'Reilly told Harris Zafar, spokesman for the  Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. "That's what you need."

The two also discussed anti-Islamic sentiment in the wake of the Paris attacks, with Zafar saying that, though there are "great people everywhere," there are also "ignorant people everywhere."

"It's time to understand what true Islam is really all about, so people don't have these ... fears and misconceptions," he said, encouraging people to "pick up a Koran read it" to understand that extremists have the wrong idea about the Muslim faith.

O'Reilly responded by explaining why, from his view, so many people are angry amid continued radical Islamic terror attacks.

"You have to understand that in this world there are so many radical Muslims that it becomes difficult for unsophisticated thinkers to separate the good from the bad," he said. "There's a lot of people that are getting a little fed up with this and I think they're getting fed up because they don't see a mobilization of the good Muslims."

He continued, "We don't see the Million Muslim March in Washington — I wish we would — to condemn ISIS."

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