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Ted Cruz Is Asked to Name 'Last Time' He 'Asked God for Forgiveness' — Watch Him Recall the Incident


"It was a hard thing, it was a very hard thing."

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was asked Friday evening at the Presidential Family Forum in Iowa to recall the last time he asked God for his forgiveness.

"Ted you're a man of strong convictions and a man of deep spirituality. I've only asked this question once before. ... When was the last time you asked God for forgiveness and why?" forum moderator Frank Luntz asked.

"Well, I've asked God for forgiveness many times," Cruz said, pausing.

"But is there one time that really stands out to you," Luntz pressed.

Cruz told the story of a "very difficult time" he experienced in college while his parents were going through a divorce. The Texas senator explained that while he was studying in his 20s, he did not approve of the decision.

[sharequote="right"]"And that's something for I have repented for the arrogance I showed to my parents."[/sharequote]

"It was a hard thing, it was a very hard thing. I did not want my parents to get divorced," he said. "And I was convinced that I could stop it."

"I remember I would type out page after page of scriptures from the Bible that I would send out to my parents," he added.  "And, one of the things all of us learn as an adult, as we get older, is our parents are human beings and they are entitled to make flawed decisions. They are entitled to make mistakes. I thought it was a mistake at the time, but I wasn't the one entitled to make that decision. They were."

Cruz said it was behavior he later regretted and asked for forgiveness for.

"And that's something for I have repented for the arrogance I showed to my parents," Cruz said. "I think that was hurtful to my parents."

"It was a hard thing when I was 22, 23 years old, dealing with them, because I wanted with all my heart to prevent it. And listen, I — that's not an easy thing."

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