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Way Worse Than Dirty Dancing': School Cancels Winter Semi-Formal Over Students' 'Sexual' Dance Floor Antics


"It's over the top."


Administrators at Cleveland High School in Portland, Oregon, have decided to cancel a school dance, citing worries over "sexual" dancing that district leaders believe is simply too "over the top" to allow the event to proceed.

"This is way worse than dirty dancing," Christine Miles, a spokeswoman for Portland Public Schools, told KGW-TV. "It's over the top, sexual in nature."

Some students aren't happy about the cancellation, but Miles said that many kids are fearful for their safety at school dances. This led administrators to make the difficult decision to halt the semi-formal until a solution to the problem can be found.

"We do have some families that think this isn't a big enough issue to cancel the dance," she explained. "But if we have some kids who don't feel safe at their own high school dance, it's not okay."

In an article published in the Clarion — the Cleveland High School student newspaper — it was reported that this is the second consecutive semi-formal winter dance to be cancelled, after police were called to the dance two years ago and took students away in handcuffs.

"It’s hard to justify to parents that their kids are going to be safe when there is a large group of kids grinding on each other. Parents expect civility. In some cases it almost turns into harassment," Vice Principal Kevin Taylor was quoted as saying. "We have an expectation here and kids don’t follow it. A number of years ago we had ‘No grinding’ t-shirts, we did a whole campaign. It’s worse now than it was back then."



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