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FlightHub Asks: Where Should You Travel Next?


FlightHub wants to help you choose your next US vacation! The United States of America has something for everyone whether you are looking for something relaxing, something adventurous, or something urban. Using a recent FlightHub review, the online travel agency has combined it’s most popular projected destinations for 2016 with some of its own analysis and feedback from its staff and travelers alike to suggest your next trip based on what kind of trip you want to take in 2016.

FlightHub’s choices are as follows:

Somewhere Adventurous

Looking for some adventure? Las Vegas, seventh on the FlightHub list, is one of the craziest cities on the planet. Day blends into night, and night blends into day in Sin City. Aside from gambling, Vegas offers some of the World’s most unique hotels, thrilling shows, and is a short drive from attractions like Area 51. Whether looking for aliens in the desert, or experiencing something out of this world in the city itself, Las Vegas is not for the faint of heart.

Somewhere Relaxing

Need to take a load off? Phoenix is your best bet. This dry desert locale is perfect for getting away from harsh Northern Winters. Offering some of America’s most stunning natural formations like the Grand Canyon, you can enjoy Phoenix from the front porch or by taking a hike through unique terrain. Placing sixth on the FlightHub list, you won’t be alone in the American Southwest.

Somewhere Urban

The city that never sleeps. New York City is the place to be for the ultimate city experience. Each of New York’s sprawling Burroughs has something for everyone from shopping, to clubs, to great food. New York is also home to some of America’s most iconic tourist attractions. From scaling the Empire State Building, to taking a boat to the Statue Of Liberty, you can feel free to do whatever you please in New York City, FlightHub’s eighth most popular destination.

FlightHub is one of North America’s leading online travel agencies, offering low-cost flights since 2012.

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