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Family Lawyer Brings Up Terror Suspect's Online Allegiance to Islamic State, Then Stuns With Analogy


One of the attorneys representing the Farook family left many stunned Friday afternoon when he seemingly compared suspect Tashfeen Malik's online allegiance to the Islamic state to visiting Britney Spears' Facebook page.

Prior to the press conference, three officials "familiar with the investigation" into the San Bernardino killers had told CNN that Malik pledged allegiance to an Islamic State leader on Facebook as the attack unfolded. A Facebook spokesperson later confirmed a post was removed due to a violation in community standards.

David Chesley addressed the issue at a news conference, insisting there was still not enough evidence to indicate the attack was an act of terror.

"All there is thus far is some nebulous thing that somebody looked at something on Facebook," he argued. "I mean, any one of us may have looked at something on Facebook. It doesn't mean we believe in it. I've checked out a Britney Spears post and I hate Britney Spears music."

See 1:20 mark for remarks:

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