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For the Record': What You Should Do in an Active Shooter Situation


Due to the unprecedented popularity of this FTR short, For the Record produced a full episode about what you should do in an active shooter situation. "Fighting Back" airs Wednesday, March 2 at 9:00pm ET on TheBlaze TV.

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California, and with daily reports of threats to the homeland, many Americans are growing more concerned for their personal safety.

Endeavor Defense and Fitness is located outside of Columbus, Ohio, and their team is teaching people not to be victims. Endeavor’s mission is to prepare and train their students to save lives in the event of a terrorist strike.

Aaron Jannetti, co-owner of Endeavor, believes you don’t need to be a “black belt" or "big and strong” to fight back when confronted with a life or death crisis.

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