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I Want to Scream, but They Will Arrest Me': Veteran Fumes as He Watches TSA Pat Down His Daughter for Minutes Because of Juice Box


"I didn’t want to make an issue of it there or then because it wasn’t the time or place and I didn’t want to further traumatize my daughter.”

A forgotten Capri Sun juice pouch left inside a 10-year-old girl's carry-on bag before a post-holiday flight apparently led to a pat-down that her father captured on video and posted to YouTube on Jan. 1, calling it a "heinous act."

Kevin Payne of San Diego filmed his daughter's encounter with the U.S. Transportation Security Administration agent on Dec. 30 at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport following the TSA agent's discovery of the offending liquid, according to the San-Diego Union Tribune. When the bag tested false-positive for explosives, the agent pulled daughter Vendela aside to administer a pat-down.

According to Payne, the agent proceeded to pat Vendela down for nearly 2 minutes - a process that he says included the repeated "groping" of her buttocks, thighs, chest, and pelvic area. Payne captioned the video with his commentary as the pat-down continued, slowing down some of the actions for apparent emphasis.

“My goal was just to clear security as quickly as possible so we could make our flight even though I knew that in my mind they shouldn’t be doing what they were doing," Payne said, according to NBC San Diego. "I didn’t want to make an issue of it there or then because it wasn’t the time or place and I didn’t want to further traumatize my daughter.”

"I want to scream, but they will arrest me," he wrote in a caption seen in the video.

Meanwhile, Vendela told NBC San Diego that she felt like "screaming" as the pat-down continued.

"I know it's to keep everybody on the plane safe, but she kept patting me down," Vendela said. "Pat down, pat down. It was like, over and over."

Even though a TSA agent informed Payne that a pat-down was the proper response to the situation, saying, "We don't live in a make-sense world," Payne remains unconvinced that this particular incident involving a 10-year-old girl required such a lengthy procedure, Fox News Insider reported. Although Payne has not yet made a formal complaint to the TSA, he has said that he is waiting to see viewers' reactions to his video before taking further measures.

Payne commented underneath the YouTube video, "Maybe I am over-reacting, but I feel strongly that this could have been handled in a better way while still insuring the safety of all passengers. I would personally have no problem if I were the one being searched, but a 10 Year Old honor roll student?"

Commentary on his video has remained mixed. One reviewer wrote, "It is time to end the Totalitarian Sexual Assault (TSA) that loves to Touch Some (10 year old) A** (TSA)...This 10 year old girl is clearly NOT a threat."

Another wrote, "What the TSA agent did know is that there was: a container of liquid in a carry-on, a (false) positive test for explosive, she was wearing loose clothing, and the father of the kid whose bad tested positive for explosive didn't want her pat-searched...Sure it might have been a little too thorough, but in this day and age where 4 year olds are shooting 'infidels' in the head and crazy white guys are blowing people away at Planned Parenthood, it's better to be safe than sorry."

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