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Glenn Beck Picks Out Moments in Which He Says Obama Was 'Out of His League' During Gun Town Hall: 'He’s Never Been Questioned\


"It was unbelievable to watch."

Glenn Beck said Friday morning that the biggest thing he learned from Thursday night's "Guns in America" town hall on CNN was that President Barack Obama was "so out of his league," citing moments in which he believes the commander in chief contradicted himself.

"This is the biggest thing that I learned. Last night in watching the president, this is what happens. He made great opening statements, but the moment he had to address somebody that wasn't controlled by the White House or wasn't friendly, he was so out of his league because he's never questioned," Beck said on The Glenn Beck Radio Program.

According to Beck, Obama "doesn't have to work through his answers" because his opinions are never challenged.

"That's why his answers were so nonsensical and so contradictory to the other answers that he gave to the people that were friendly to him," Beck said. "They were exact opposite, and they were the next question. It was unbelievable to watch."

The radio host's charges came after playing audio from the CNN town hall in which the president told rape survivor Kimberly Corban that "there's nothing that we've proposed that would make it harder for you to purchase a firearm."

However, just moments later, Obama gave Cleo Pendleton, whose daughter was killed in a Chicago shooting, a completely different answer. "What will at least be consistent across the country is that it's a little bit harder to get a gun," Obama said of his new executive actions on gun control.

"Now, we can’t guarantee that criminals are not going to have ways of getting guns, but for example, it may be a little more difficult and a little more expensive, and the laws of supply and demand mean that if something is harder to get and a little more expensive to get, fewer people get them," Obama continued. "And that in and of itself can make a difference."

Additionally, Beck suggested that even if guns were easily accessible to Corban, she would not be able to keep her firearm due to the president's restrictions on mental health which will require psychiatrists to report mentally ill patients to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

"I want to just point out that here's a woman that has gone through a trauma of rape — I don't know. But she might have been suicidal afterward," Beck said.

"If she owned a gun, she would have to go through — and she went through mental therapy. Her doctor would now be forced to notify the FBI, and the FBI would have to come and confiscate her gun because she is mentally ill," Beck added.

Ultimately, Beck described the exchange as "unbelievable to watch" because the president's answers were "exact opposite."

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