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How Secure Is Your Safe? Here's How Most Common Ones Can Be Cracked With a Magnet and a Sock


"There's very little security."

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Is your safe -- well, safe?

The answer one locksmith is offering may surprise you.

Terry Whin-Yates, or "Mr. Locksmith," said in a YouTube video uploaded recently that most consumer-grade safes purchased at popular retailers are much easier to get into than many might think.

Whin-Yates used a safe he says he bought at Staples for $250 to demonstrate his point. He introduced a rare earth magnet and put it inside a sock, which he then used to crack open the supposedly secure box in a matter of seconds – without any destruction to the safe.

"Anything you buy in Home Depot, or any safe in Walmart, Costco, Staples, Canadian Tire – it's all crap," Whin-Yates said. "We can open them in less than 10 seconds."

But safes aren't the only thing a simple magnet inside a sock can crack open. Whin-Yates said they can also be used to open up hotel rooms and even apartment buildings.

"There's very little security," Whin-Yates said.

The locksmith said he's been threatened with multi-million dollar lawsuits since he began making these demonstrations, a number of which have been unsuccessful.

"We have lawsuit parties now if someone's going to threaten me," Whin-Yates said. "It's kind of fun, especially if you're right.

(H/T: Huffington Post)

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