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A Thief Stole His Daughter's Birthday Presents Off His Front Porch. Here's Why This Navy Vet Dad Says 'They Picked the Wrong House


"It really gets your blood pumping.”

Footage showing the package thief. Image source: WSB-TV.

A Georgia father is trying to identify a man who stole a package containing his daughter’s birthday presents off of his front porch.

Eric Truitt, a Navy veteran, told WSB-TV, "They picked the wrong house."

"We have 360-degree, Blu-ray-quality video coverage of the house," Truitt said.

According to the family’s surveillance footage, the package was stolen less than an hour after it was delivered around noon Monday.

"It really gets your blood pumping,” Truitt said. “I was actually at work at the time, but my family was home so you do feel a little bit helpless.”

Truitt described the getaway car as “a late 2007 to 2009 California special [Ford] Mustang convertible."

Truitt notified local law enforcement and posted video of the theif on social media.

"We've gotten several thousand views of the video," Truitt said. "Within 15 minutes, the sheriffs were watching the video of this guy."

Truitt's daughter, Amber, whose gifts were nabbed, expressed only concern for her family’s safety. "He could've tried to get in the house or broken through a window,” she said. “When it comes to stuff like this you never really know what's going to happen.”

According to WSB-TV, anyone with information about the crime is asked to call the Paulding County police.

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