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Dana Perino Confronts Eric Bolling: 'You're OK with Trump Just Lying About Bush?


"You're OK with it, I'm not."

Tension in the Fox News studio seemed to be at an all-time high Friday when host Dana Perino challenged co-host Eric Bolling on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's attacks on former President George W. Bush.

Perino, who served as Bush's press secretary and is a close family friend, seemed very frustrated by Trump's recent claims that Bush lied his way into the Iraq War. Bolling and co-host Juan Williams, however, noted that the comments are having little impact on the billionaire's candidacy.

"You can lie about a former president and it's OK, it's just like, wow, wow, and that's just OK. You're OK with it, I'm not," Perino told Bolling, as the "The Five" studio fell awkwardly silent.

"I didn't say I'm OK with it, Dana," Bolling said. "[Y]ou're putting words in my mouth. I didn't say I was OK with someone lying about a former president."

Bolling insisted that he is not OK with the candidate's comments, acknowleding that Trump has since walked back the claim.

"Please don't put words in my mouth," he concluded.

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