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Duck Dynasty' Star Sadie Robertson Urges Cultural Change in Inspirational Late-Night Video Message: 'Seek the Good in Others


"My question to you is: What are you seeking?"

Image source: Youtube

In a new video uploaded late Thursday night, "Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson encouraged her fans to break from cultural norms and seek the good in those around them — even when the surface is filled with negativity.

Image source: Youtube

Robertson's video, titled "What Are You Seeking?" has already garnered nearly 20,000 views after being online for just 12 hours.

"I was thinking, what is the world looking for?" Robertson began in the video. "What are we seeking? What are we trying to find?"

According to Robertson, a lot of people in the world are looking for the opinions of others to find some sort of satisfaction or approval in their own lives. But most times, people will see and find negativity because that is what they seek, Robertson says.

"We're constantly trying to find others' opinions so that we can find our own," she said. "But what I found about this is that when we ask other people their opinion, we're not seeking the good things, but we're seeking the bad. You know, you'll say, 'Do you like her outfit or do you not?' And you're not really looking at that outfit and thinking about the things that you like, you're looking at it and trying to find the things you don't like."

This, Robertson contends, ends up creating an ugly world.

"Instead of seeking beauty, we're seeking negativity, and it kind of creates an ugly world," she said.

[sharequote align="center"]"The Bible says, 'seek and you will find,' which is so true."[/sharequote]

To make a difference, find a solution and begin seeking the good in all things, Robertson said, noting that the transition must begin in one's heart.

"I think it definitely starts from the heart. The Bible says, 'Seek and you will find,' which is so true," she said. "But the question is: What are you seeking and what are you looking for? Because if you're seeking negativity, or you're seeking something ugly, you're probably going to find an ugly trait or you're probably going to find something negative."

"But if you start seeking beauty and you start seeking positivity, you're going to start seeing beauty and you're going to start being more positive," she continued. "Because the more negative you find, the more ugly your heart becomes. But the more positivity you find, the more beautiful your heart becomes and the more beauty you see."

Roberson ended her nearly 3-minute video by challenging her fans to seek the beauty in everyone and in everything around them, because "God put beauty in everything."

"My question to you is: What are you seeking? What are you looking for today? What are you looking for in other people and what are you looking for in the situation you're in?" Robertson challenged. "My challenge to you is to seek beauty in everything and in everyone, because in everything and everyone you can find beauty — because God put beauty in everything."

Robertson has a history of creating viral YouTube videos for her fans on the topics of Christianity and culture. Last year, Robertson made a video about her personal struggle with her appearance and comparing herself to others. In a second video made last year, Robertson discussed what it means to her to be a Christian. The video was in response to critics who said she doesn't dress modest enough and therefore wasn't a "good Christian."

Watch her full video below:

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