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TV Nanny Jo Frost Reports Dad to Police for Allegedly Administering Corporal Punishment to His Son

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"Supernanny" Jo Frost reported a Georgia father to the Department of Children and Family Services after footage from surveillance cameras placed in the man's home showed him removing his belt allegedly to administer "corporal punishment" to his 9-year-old son after the boy used his father's cellphone charger without permission.

Frost had visited the Spivey family's home in Gwinnett County, Georgia, last October to film an episode for her new show "Jo Frost: Nanny on Tour," in which Frost visits families who are struggling with ill-behaving children, according to TMZ. The Spivey family reportedly contacted Frost and her show because their three children allegedly respected only their father and not their mother. During the filming for the episode, Frost's television crew set up surveillance cameras with the Spiveys' approval.

However, the cameras caught a scene that troubled many viewers after the footage seen in the episode that aired Thursday night, the Daily Mail reported.

In the footage, father Chris Spivey can be seen rebuking Marcus, his 9-year-old son, as his wife reclines on the sofa while wrapped up in a blanket. After Spivey asks Marcus why the boy used his phone charger without asking permission, he orders Marcus to go upstairs to his room. After Marcus obeys, Spivey can be seen removing his belt from his pants as he stands up from the couch and follows his son upstairs. Although the footage did not show any actual physical punisment, Marcus can be heard crying and wailing behind the closed bedroom door.

In a follow-up with the family, Frost questioned Spivey about his use of "corporal punishment" in disciplining his children. Although Spivey admitted to having used corporal punishment in the past, he said that he merely "hit the bed" with his belt and that Marcus was only crying because "he was frightened," according to the Daily Mail. He also told Frost that the two would have to "agree to disagree" regarding the issue of corporal punishment, as it is legal in Georgia.

The Spiveys confirmed with TMZ that the DCFS had investigated their family following Frost's report, saying that it ultimately found that the family had committed no wrongdoing. But Frost still adamantly opposes the family's use of physical discipline.

"I truly hope this makes millions of families question their practice of discipline and the immediate effect and the longterm effect it is going to have on the relationships with their family members," Frost said in a video message on Twitter.

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