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That Was Weak, Sniveling Political Wavering': GOP Governor Confronted in Contentious 'Morning Joe' Interview Over Trump Islam Comment


"He choose to be weak. And so, we had him leave the show."

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After Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott's refused to directly answer a question about Donald Trump's recent statement about Islam, MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski abruptly ended the governor's "Morning Joe" interview.

Co-host Joe Scarborough asked Scott a very direct question: "Would you tell your friend Donald Trump that he should walk back his statements that Muslim Americans, that Islam hates America, that Islam hates us? Do you think that Muslims in the state of Florida hate America?"

Scott's immediate response was about his request to Homeland Security following the Paris attacks last year. Scarborough cut him off and again attempted to get a response to his question. When Scott avoided answering, Mika Brzezinski interrupts him with a loud and terse "Wrap it!"

After a few more seconds of Scott dodging the issue, Mika pressed him again, "Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick...I know you and Joe are friends and this is kinda awkward. But, can you answer the question, or should we scoot?"

Once again, Scott eluded the question, choosing to talk about tonight's GOP debate.

Mika gave Scott what sounded like a half-hearted "thanks for being on" before dismissing him and tossing to commercials.

Watch the face-off:

When the show returned following the uncomfortable interview, Joe and Mika felt the need to explain what happened to the audience.

Brzezinski called Scott's avoidance of their question "weak, sniveling political wavering."

Scarborough clarified what the show was trying to get out of Scott.

Mika continued with her attack on Scott. "I would suggest that if you are the governor of a state, you should be able to answer that question and say those things," Brzezinski said, adding, "And if you can't, you shouldn't be the governor of a state, especially Florida. That was pathetic. I think I better move to break."

"He choose to be weak. And so, we had him leave the show," Brzezinski said.

Watch the explanation.

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