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Flat Out Embarrassing': Blue Jays Coach Infuriated After New MLB Rule Costs Team Game in 9th Inning


"I guess we'll come out wearing dresses tomorrow."

Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons expressed frustration Tuesday after a new Major League Baseball rule cost his team the game in the ninth inning.

The Blue Jays were down by a run against the Tampa Bay Rays in the ninth inning with the bases loaded and one out.

A ground ball was hit to third. The Rays third baseman tossed to second for the out and the second baseman threw to first for an attempt at a double play. The throw to first was no good and it appeared the Blue Jays had tied the game.

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But, not so fast. A review was called and the umpires ruled that Jose Bautista, who was running from first to second during the play, violated the new Chase Utley Rule when he reached for the second baseman's ankles while sliding into second and trying to break up the double play.

As a result, both Bautista and the batter were called out, ending the game. It was the second time the Chase Utley Rule had been implemented and the first time it had ever ended a game, according to Deadspin.

Speaking after the game, Gibbons trashed the new rule as an "embarrassment."

“Are we trying to turn the game into a joke?" he asked reporters. "I mean, really. That was flat out embarrassing. That cost us an opportunity to win a Major League game. Was that the intent? Well, that’s probably the results you’re going to get. I was talking to some guys in Spring Training, said wait until it happens when it ends a game, a Major League game. It truly is an embarrassment.”

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