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Fox’s Jesse Watters Uses Trigger Words to Find Out How Sensitive College Students Really Are — and One Actually Storms Off


"It's that kind of elitism, classism...that kind of snobbery, it's counterproductive."

Image source: Fox News

Looking to find out just how sensitive and easily offended college students are, Fox News contributor Jesse Watters traveled to Princeton University to confront students with what many might consider to be "trigger" words.

The first word — "ghetto" — even caused one student to storm off.

The girl who stormed off. Image source: Fox News

"I feel like they should be more careful in their choice of words," another student said when asked about people who use the word "ghetto."

"It's that kind of elitism, classism...that kind of snobbery, it's counterproductive," another student said. "It dehumanizes people."

Image source: Fox News

When asked about Republican front-runner Donald Trump, the students were just as offended.

"I think he is an offensive man," one student said.

"I think he offends me because he offends people I care about," said another student.

Watters asked a different student, "When Trump says 'Make America Great Again,' how does that make you feel?"

"It's not the America that was great for people who look like me," that student, who is black, said. "I'll say that much."

Other phrases and words Watters asked the students to respond to included "black crime" and "white privilege." The students' responses were as exactly as you might expect.

Watch the entire segment below:

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