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CNN Anchor Carol Costello Shares a Little Too Much Info on Prince and His Influence on Her 'Sexuality


"Prince was so much more than just an artist."

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CNN host Carol Costello was quite frank with her feelings about pop icon Prince on Friday, admitting live on-air that he helped her discover her "sexuality" in college.

"Prince was so much more than just an artist," Costello began. "I mean, for me personally, his music became popular when I was in college. Those are your formative years, those are the years you open your mind and take everything in."

"He opened your eyes to a broader world. He introduced you to things you never thought of before, and that was a beautiful thing," she added. "He opened my eyes to the gay community, because I never thought about it before."

"He allowed me to embrace my sexuality, which was very important, right?" Costello went on to say. "You could be whatever you wanted to be … like Prince, he was a very handsome man, don’t get me wrong, but he was different from what I grew up with."

News broke Thursday morning that the legendary pop-star had died at his home in Minneapolis. His death came six days after a reported drug overdose.

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