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Oh My God': Man Saws Tree Log in Half, Finds Shock Surprise Inside


"So I was cutting some trees down today and this happened."

A Washington, D.C., man was shocked to find an unexpected surprise this week inside a tree log he cut in half.

In footage captured by Ryan Saunders, a red sponge-like creature can be seen moving inside a tree trunk after it had been sawed in two.

"Oh my God!" Saunders screams in the video as it becomes apparent the creature is a snake slithering out.

"I accidentally sawed in half some sort of large snake inside of this log. It is backing itself out. ... Holy s***!"

Content warning: strong language and possibly disturbing content

Saunders, looking for the snake's head, panned the camera over to the other half of the tree log where the second half of the snake's body moved on the ground.

"Still moving. Crazy," Saunders said.

The D.C. resident initially posted video of the incident on Facebook.

"So I was cutting some trees down today and this happened," he wrote.

The footage was later uploaded to YouTube where it went viral after finding its way to Reddit. At the time of publication, the video had nearly 2 million views.

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