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Urban Outfitters Pulls 'Disgusting' Shampoo From Its Shelves After Customers Say it Mocks Suicide


"Unbelievably, upsettingly, worryingly, stupid. So irresponsible."

Clothing brand Urban Outfitters has removed Anatomicals' Peachy Head Peach Shampoo for Suicidal Hair from its stores after many slammed the company for being "irresponsible" and "distasteful."

The controversial shampoo was sold at Urban Outfitters' U.K. locations and its name — "Peachy Head" — was a play off Beachy Head, a well-known suicide site in East Sussex, London.

"I never knew my once beautiful hair would actually commit suicide by tossing itself off dramatic white cliffs to the rocks below," the discontinued shampoo's description read.

As customers began noticing the haircare product on store shelves across the U.K., they took to social media to condemn the "suicidal" shampoo, with one person asking, "What's next Urban Outfitters? Cancer conditioner? Alzheimer's aftershave?"

"Suicide is not hip,"author Matt Haig tweeted.

"Although the product's name is a humorous attempt to market a shampoo for hard-to-manage hair, we reevaluated and felt it was not appropriate and it was pulled from the Urban Outfitters website," a company spokesperson told Mashable. "We have instructed all of our UK stores to remove the product immediately."

It is important to note, however, that the product was not created by Urban Outfitters, but rather designed by the company Anatomicals.

"‘Peachy Head’ has been on sale for a number of years now and continues to be loved by many customers," an Anatomicals spokesperson told the Huffington Post, adding that they did not intend to make light of suicide.

"Every day of every year, millions of people have a ‘bad hair’ day," he continued. "They may feel like putting on a hat or even in extreme cases, chopping it off and going for a sleek bob. Never do they feel like killing themselves, although they may feel like killing their hairdresser."

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