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Cruz’s Comments to Young Heckler Ignite Spanking Debate


"He sure likes spanking children. Sick."

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Journalists rebuked Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz after the Texas senator told a crowd in Indiana Sunday that a young protestor who had just interrupted his event would have been spanked in his household.

“You know, in my household, when a child behaves that way, they get a spanking," Cruz told the crowd.

Gabrielle Lurie/AFP/Getty Images

However, Cruz's "spanking" comment did not go over well, particularly among those who believe that spanking — or any corporal punishment — is not healthy for young children. Many journalists even took to Twitter to scorn Cruz.

Matthew Yglesias of Vox.com said spanking is "bad parenting":

Erin Gloria Ryan, a deputy editor at Vocativ.com, labeled Cruz a "spanking enthusiast":

Jeet Heer, a senior editor for the New Republic, opined that Cruz has a "real thing" for spanking children:

New York Magazine even cautioned Cruz to review research on the effects of spanking children "before advocating for it":

Others plain rebuked Cruz and his comments:

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