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NBC News Publishes First General Election ‘Battleground Map’ — and It Brings Bad News for One of the Presumptive Nominees


See the map here.

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NBC News published its first “battleground map” for the general election — and it shows presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump at a significant disadvantage to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The map, based on recent polling and demographics of each state, depicts how states are expected to vote in November, and how many electoral votes each candidate will receive from their victories.

Image source: NBC News

The map shows Clinton and the Democrats leading Trump 253-190 in electoral votes, with an additional 95 electoral votes left as “tossup.” In order to be elected president, a candidate must receive 270 electoral votes.

That means — as the map currently stands — in order to win the White House, Clinton would need to win only Florida or Ohio.

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