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‘Still Talking Here’: Ann Coulter Gets Into Fiery Clash With Dan Savage Over Illegal Immigrant Criminals


"First of all, it’s not true."

Source: HBO

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter clashed with liberal activist Dan Savage on Friday over Donald Trump’s past claim that some of the immigrants entering the country illegally are “murderers” and “rapists.”


When Savage called the assertion a “lie,” Coulter responded, “What do you mean it’s a lie? You’re claiming illegal aliens don’t commit murder and rapes?”

Savage then claimed Americans are more likely to be raped by other Americans than immigrants, which set in motion an increasingly tense exchange.

“First of all, it’s not true,” Coulter said.

When Savage interrupted her, she quickly shot back, “Still talking here.”

“These aren’t people we have to have here,” Coulter continued. “We already have our own rapists and murderers. We don’t need to be bringing in more rapists and murderers.”

That line caused actor Bryan Cranston to blurt out, “Wow!”

Watch the segment below via HBO:


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