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Let Me Finish': Bill O'Reilly and Liberal Commentator Kirsten Powers Clash Over Transgender Bathroom Policies


"Americans should get really angry about this."

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly faced-off against liberal commentator Kirsten Powers on Monday night, with the two clashing over transgender bathroom policies.

O'Reilly, who called the idea of allowing biological boys into girls' locker rooms "insane," argued that transgendered individuals should be accommodated with private restrooms, with Powers pushing back against the broader narrative being advanced by many conservatives.

"What I would say is that, first of all, it's not a boy who wants to be a girl," Powers said of a hypothetical transgendered boy. "It's a person who was born with male genitalia, who experiences life as a woman or a female."

From there, the two clashed, with Powers becoming frustrated and repeatedly telling O'Reilly to let her speak.

"Let me finish what I'm saying," she said after the host talked over her, later adding, "I can't even finish a sentence."

Watch the on-air battle unfold below:

Powers went on to say that, unless the transgendered individual using a locker room that is opposite to his or her biological gender is gay, he or she is "probably attracted to people of the opposite sex," and questioned whether O'Reilly would oppose a lesbian using a woman's locker room.

"As long as they're biologically the same," he countered, going on to say that he believes in respect, despite disagreeing that people should be able to use whichever bathroom and locker room that corresponds with their self-perceived gender identity.

"Whatever their mental and emotional state is I think should be respected," he said. "But where are the rights of the 90 plus percent kids from traditional homes?"

Powers continued to push back by saying that transgender individuals aren't preying on peoples' daughters and dismissed O'Reilly's claim that some of the rhetoric being used in the debate is "designed to make Americans believe there is no difference in gender at all."

She did say that she understands why some would want a third space for transgender people to use in the midst of transitioning between genders.

"To impose this kind of a situation to young children who don't understand ... is such a violation of parental rights, of children's rights of everybody's rights," O'Reilly said. "And Americans should get really angry about this."

(H/T: Mediaite)


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