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Liberal MSNBC Asks Focus Group About Clinton Email Scandal — Just Listen to Some of the Responses


"The entire problem with this email server issue is..."

An MSNBC focus group excoriated Hillary Clinton for behaving as if she is “above the rules” in regards to her ongoing email scandal.

NBC News senior White House correspondent Chris Jansing spoke to a focus group of young women about the email controversy, and she got some interesting responses.

“I take national security really seriously and the idea that she would have a private email server, it demonstrates someone who thinks that they’re outside of the rules and not accountable,” one woman said. “It’s reckless. The most disappointing part about all of it is I don’t feel like she’s taken responsibility for it.”


One Clinton supporter, Jessica, said she understands the concerns about the email scandal, but claimed Clinton was “not the first person to do this.”

A third woman argued people in positions in power have a “responsibility and a duty to make sure that what they do is transparent.”

“The entire problem with this email server issue is that she’s not being transparent,” she said. “When someone doesn’t abide by the rules, they are not being transparent.”

Watch the full segment via MSNBC below:


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