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Adam Carolla Explains Why 'Bad Luck' Is Actually Good — and Why Hard Work Has Everything to Do With It


"Look at life as a prize fight ..."

Adam Carolla made his bones as a comedian, but in recent years, the megapopular podcaster has become a spokesman for common sense and many conservative values.

In fact, Carolla just appeared in a video for conservative radio host Dennis Prager's Facebook outlet, PragerU.

Titled "Why Bad Luck Is Good," Carolla makes things plain: Everybody is unlucky. Even him.

Adam Carolla (Image source: Facebook)

"People say to me all the time, 'Adam, what do you mean you're not lucky? Look at your house, look at your cars, look at your life, look at your wife. Look at everything that you have,'" he said before lowering the boom.

"That's not luck. That's me," Carolla said. "I earned that. And if I thought I was lucky, I'd probably still be sitting in my one-bedroom apartment in North Hollywood on my futon scratching lottery tickets."

Carolla's remedy for bad luck we all share? "Hard work," he said.

"Don't count on luck," Carolla declared. "Rely on hard work. Look at life as a prize fight, and you've gotta get up and do road work every morning, and you've gotta work that heavy bag and you've gotta work that speed bag ... Why? Because if you don't train, you'll go into that Ring of Life and get your ass whupped ... So let's not rely on Vegas, let's not rely on the lottery — let's rely on hard work."

Concluding the clip, he added, "Let's get out there and take over the world."

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