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Gingrich stands by heated interview with Megyn Kelly: Women are thanking me


"I’ve had a lot of Republican women write me."


The internet was awash with comments and criticisms following Newt Gingrich's very heated debate Tuesday night with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, but apparently the former House speaker didn't see any of it.

During the headline-grabbing interview, Kelly raised questions about accusations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump that could show him to be a "sexual predator." In response, Gingrich, a senior advisor to the Republican presidential nominee, asserted the Fox host was only raising the issue because she's "fascinated with sex."

"What do you say to the Republican women who saw that interview last night and are upset by it?" an MSNBC reporter asked Gingrich Wednesday during a Trump event in Washington, D.C.

In response, the former Georgia lawmaker said he has not seen any criticism from Republican women online. Gingrich did, however, receive plenty of criticism on social media for the encounter.

"I’ve had a lot of Republican women write me and thank me for standing up to the baloney that is thrown at us by people who excuse Bill Clinton — ignore Bill Clinton — and then explain to us how shocked they are by Donald Trump," Gingrich said instead.

The top Trump surrogate raised a similar point during his kerfuffle with Kelly, but the Fox newscaster was quick to say former President Bill Clinton will not be on the ticket on Election Day.

It is important to note Dan Scavino, social media advisor to the Trump campaign, took to Twitter late Tuesday to praise Gingrich for his comments to Kelly, writing, "Watch what happens to her after this election is over." In addition, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr., a leading Trump backer, said the interview proves Kelly is a Clinton supporter.

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