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New video details how democratic socialism is still just socialism


To those unfamiliar with Prager U, it is a YouTube channel dedicated to conservative and libertarian explanations on various subjects on issues ranging from the political to the social. Their latest video has them teaming up with comedian and radio show host Steven Crowder to speak on democratic socialism, and how it is still just socialism.

"Democratic socialism" is a phrase one would often hear during the time Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) was still running against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination. While many explanations were given about what exactly the political structure was, in the end, it could not be denied that it was just plain socialism.

This is something Crowder addresses throughout this video, pointing out that even socialists elected democratically are still suffering from the effects of the provenly failed economic policy.

"The fact is that over time the greatest enemy of socialism is reality," said Crowder. "The reality that human nature will invariably pull certain people toward individualism and success, and other toward laziness and collectivism. The tension between the makers and the takers always leads to socialisms inevitable collapse."

Watch the video below:

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