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Here's how Massachusetts' Republican governor filled out his presidential ballot

Massachusetts Gov. Charles Baker (R) explains why he is not supporting Donald Trump's presidential bid. (Getty Images/Christopher Gooodney)

Gov. Charlie Baker, Massachusetts' top Republican, cast his ballot first thing Tuesday morning — but he left the presidential ticket blank.

"This is the first time I haven't voted for president, and I'm obviously disappointed about that," Baker told the Boston Herald Tuesday morning.

In explaining his decision not to vote for either GOP nominee Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Baker also said he declined to write in a third-party candidate.

"I have lots of friends who are voting for Hillary Clinton. I have lots of friends who are voting for Donald Trump, and I respect their opinion, and I respect their decision," Baker said.

He continued, according to the Herald:

I said many months ago that I wasn't going to support Donald Trump for a number of reasons and Hillary Clinton had believability problems. And nothing's happened in the past nine months to change my mind on that.

Look, everybody gets to make up their mind on how they want to respond on Election Day. The good news is, we had a million people who turned out before Election Day and based on the lines ... it's going to be a big turnout day here in Massachusetts.

Baker did vote for expanding charter school choices and no on legalizing recreational marijuana.

Baker cast his early morning vote at First Church in Swampscott, Massachusetts, according to the Boston Herald, which declined to endorse a presidential candidate this year for the first time in decades.

Clinton leads Trump by nearly 30 points in the Bay State ahead of the election, according to Real Clear Politics' aggregated polling data.

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