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CNN commentator: Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is 'like a terrorist

David Clarke, Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wis. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

CNN commentator Angela Rye on Thursday night said Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, Sheriff David Clarke is "like a terrorist."

Rye was responding to reports that President-elect Donald Trump is considering appointing Clarke as his Homeland Security secretary.

"I think the one major flag I have is that someone like Sheriff Clarke would be considered as his Homeland Security secretary? Someone who I very much see as if he's not a terrorist inciting terrorism?" Rye told CNN host Don Lemon.

Lemon pushed back on Rye's assertion, saying that you can "oppose someone's policies," but that calling them a terrorist may be going too far.

Rye stood by her accusation, however, saying there are black people in Milwaukee who would say Clarke is "very much like a terrorist."

"If people are afraid of Sheriff Clarke, afraid of the policies which he represents, I think that's terrorism," Rye said.

Clark, who is a Trump supporter, on Wednesday took to Twitter to condemn the "radical anarchists" for protesting Trump's election.

In October, when many people thought Trump would lose the election to Hillary Clinton, Clarke urged his Twitter followers to take up their "pitchforks and torches," presumably to protest what was anticipated to be the outcome of the election.

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