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Glenn Beck: The alt-right movement is 'truly terrifying

Image via Twitter/@AC360

The alt-right movement is both “real” and “truly terrifying,” according to conservative radio host Glenn Beck.

"I want to make sure that everybody understands that the alt-right is real. It is truly terrifying, in my opinion,” Beck said Tuesday during an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper.

The alt-right movement is an fringe right-wing movement that welcomes white nationalism, anti-Semitism, racism and misogyny.

Beck went on to explain that former Breitbart News chief Stephen Bannon — now equal partner to incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus — gave the alt-right and white nationalists a platform at Breitbart, something Bannon confirmed earlier this year.

"He has given a voice and power to that group of people," Beck explained. "You don't empower people like that. You just don't. It's not smart."

But while Beck said he doesn’t believe President-elect Donald Trump is a member of the alt-right, nor are the majority of his supporters, Beck cautioned that many of Trump’s supporters are being influenced by the movement without realizing it.

"I just saw a new study today that said 5 percent of people who voted for Donald Trump said there were some disturbing things said in the media, but they didn't believe them," he said. "If they would have believed them, they would have voted for Hillary Clinton or against Donald Trump."

"We have this lack of transparency, honesty, integrity and this message about the alt-right must be heard by the conservatives,” Beck concluded. "They must take it seriously."

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