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Bruce Springsteen guitarist chides 'Hamilton' for Pence incident. But when liberals find out — war!

Bruce Springsteen, left, and Steven Van Zandt perform at Croke Park stadium, Dublin, Ireland, May, 27. (Peter Morrison/Invision/AP)

Bruce Springsteen guitarist Steven Van Zandt isn't one to keep his left-leaning views to himself.

When Springsteen canceled a North Carolina concert last spring over the state's law blocking anti-discrimination rules covering the LGBT community, Van Zandt said such legislation “is spreading like an evil virus” around the country and “we should try and stop this early.”

But after a "Hamilton" cast member controversially broke character to lecture Vice President-elect Mike Pence, asking him to "uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us," President-elect Donald Trump wasn't the only one to protest.

So did Van Zandt:

With that, Van Zandt took a beating from his brethren on the left — among them author Anne Rice and actor Richard Belzer — but Van Zandt wasn't backing down:

Finally, Van Zandt had it with the Twitter battle:

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