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Van Jones can't figure out why a woman wouldn't vote for a woman even though she's a woman


The Free Beacon managed to capture an odd moment from a recent interview conducted by host Van Jones on his show "The Messy Truth" on CNN with a couple who are Democrats, yet refused to vote for failed Democratic candidate for president Hillary Clinton.

Something about the woman he was speaking with, Derinda Scott, continued to elude Jones.

Jones, a former White House czar in the Obama administration, spoke with voters Derinda and Scott Seitz in his special on the 2016 election, titled “The Messy Truth With Van Jones.” Seitz and Derinda are both Democrats from Iowa who did not vote for the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Seitz voted for Donald Trump while Derinda declined to cast her ballot for either presidential candidate. Jones sat down with the pair during the special to discuss their decisions.

“I’m very curious about you,” Jones said to Derinda. “You voted for every Democrat on the ballot, but when it came to the presidency, what’d you do?”

Derinda said she did not vote for anyone to the surprise of Jones, who then rhetorically asked, “You didn’t vote for anybody?”

In shock, Jones exclaimed, “But you are a woman, and you are a Democratic woman! And Hillary Clinton, as best I can tell, is a woman! I don’t get it!”

“She scared me. Donald scared me,” Derinda explained. “My morals could not allow me to. Like I told you, she did her job in making me not want to vote for Trump–all those scary things about what he says. But she did not do her job in showing me why I should vote for her.”

Try as he might, Jones couldn't quite grasp why a woman wouldn't vote for a woman. The left's adherence to identity politics is a well known sentiment, and one that you often saw pushed during the 2016 elections with people urging women to vote for Clinton because she's a woman.

As it turns out, identity politics did not play in the Democrat's favor this time, with Trump coming out on top, and much of that being attributed to the fact that the left lost the people with its focus on identity and not issues. The Seitz family seems to have focused on the latter, as many Americans thought to be in the bag for Clinton seemed to have done.

Watch Jones struggle with the concept below:

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