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Free us or you die, cracker!': Armed black panthers march against police 'genocide

Image source: YouTube

Black Panthers marched in Milwaukee over the weekend to protest police "genocide" of blacks, toting rifles and chanting "black power!" along with profanity-laced epithets against law enforcement.

Other chants included "free us or you die, cracker!" as well as "f*** the pigs" and "f*** the police."

"This is genocide. It can't go on," said Dr. Alli Muhammad with the Revolutionary Black Panther Party, WISN-TV reported. "Any other country, any other people it would be declared as such."

The Black Panthers called the Sunday afternoon march a "human rights tribunal" in the name of people killed by police, the station said, adding that the group demanded the resignations of the mayor and police chief.

Image source: YouTube

TheBlaze reported on unrest in Milwaukee in August after a black police officer fatally shot Sylville Smith. That officer, Dominique Heaggan-Brown, is no longer with the department and was charged last week with first-degree reckless homicide, WISN said.

Muhammad added on video that "we don't give a damn if it's the Trump era" and that the Black Panthers will defend themselves with lethal force if necessary.

"So you approach us, and we are armed lawfully, you put our lives in imminent threat or danger, we got a right according to every law ... badge or not, you murder the bastard," Muhammad said in the video, adding that his group is "anti-terrorism" and isn't talking about being violent or committing crime.

A police spokesman told WISN that officers monitored Sunday's demonstration. "Open carrying a firearm is not arrestable absent any other violations of the law," the spokesperson added to the station.

Here's a clip showing different parts of the march. (Content warning: Profanity):

(H/T: The Gateway Pundit)

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