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Some liberals are 'disgusted' by 'Real Housewives of ISIS' parody

Image source: YouTube

Some liberals are apparently outraged over a new British skit called the "Real Housewives of ISIS," a play off the popular reality TV shows that started in the U.S. and later launched in the United Kingdom.

The controversial clip, aired by Britain's BBC 2, depicts radicalized Western-born women wearing Muslim garb and living in the Middle East.

The segment aired as part of the brand new show titled "Revolting," which debuted Tuesday night. The program is hosted by British actor, producer and director Jolyon Rubinstein and British satirist and comedian Heydon Prowse. 

"Shot during a turbulent year, ripe for satire, Revolting’s mix of political stunts and scripted sketches targets racist Brexit voters, Boris Johnson, Southern Trains and the NHS budget deficit," journalist Adam Sherwin wrote in a piece for the British website iNews.

In the first several seconds of the segment, the women fret over what they will wear to the "beheading." Another woman says her husband "seduced" her online, promising free health care. Yet another says she has been widowed five times before an explosion is felt in the background.

"Six times," the woman adds, indicating that her sixth husband was just killed by the triggered bomb.

But all of that is just warm-up comedy.

Later in the clip, two of the women awkwardly sport the same bulletproof vest and then one brags that her husband just bought her a new chain that's long enough so that she can "almost get outside."

Not everyone is laughing at the incredibly non-PC humor. A number of users have taken to social media to express how "disgusted" they are by the parody, claiming it is "mocking the whole religion" of Islam.

BBC spokeswoman Kate Toft said in an email to TheBlaze on Wednesday that the outlet is "not commenting" on the controversy.

(H/T: Legal Insurrection)

Editor's note: This post has been updated with a comment from a BBC spokeswoman. 

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