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Alec Baldwin mocks Trump with Russian 'Make America Great Again' hat

Alec Baldwin portraying Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live." (Image source: YouTube)

Actor Alec Baldwin took to social media on Friday to mock President-elect Donald Trump by posting a "selfie" of himself in a trademark, red "make America great again" hat — except the text is in Russian.

Baldwin's statement by wearing the hat was an apparent allusion to the conspiracy that Russia attempted to manipulate the outcome of last year's presidential election by favoring Trump over Clinton.

But in a turn of irony, according to CNN Russian experts, Baldwin's translation of Trump's campaign slogan is grammatically incorrect and not at all how Russians would say Trump's famous line.

From CNN:

The first word means "Make," the second is "America," in Russian, the third word is "Fantastic" or "Great" and the last word is "Again," they said. But the phrase contains improper grammar.

Former CNN Moscow bureau chief and CNN Contributor Jill Dougherty said this is not at all how Russians would say it or write it and wouldn't be surprised if Baldwin came up with the phrase by plugging it into Google Translate.

"In fact, we just Google translated it, and it's translated exactly like on the cap," Dougherty said.

A photo posted by Alec Baldwin (@iamabfalecbaldwin) on

Trump and Baldwin have had a tumultuous relationship in recent months, mostly stemming from Baldwin's job of portraying Trump on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" — something Trump has been extremely critical of.

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