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Kellyanne Conway details Clinton’s election night concession call to Trump

Kellyanne Conway greets a supporter as she walks through Trump Tower on Dec. 16, 2016 in New York City. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Kellyanne Conway, President-elect Donald Trump’s senior adviser, detailed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s election night concession call to Trump in an interview with the Washington Examiner published Monday.

The one-time Trump campaign manager said that while watching the election returns from Trump Tower on Nov. 8, she had realized by 8:30 p.m. that the results looked good for their campaign.

"We kept calling him Mr. President-elect, but he is a brilliant businessman and he knows the deal isn't consummated until everything is completed and verified and signed, sealed and delivered," Conway said.

When the Associated Press called Pennsylvania for Trump, Conway said, campaign staffers and the Trump family decided to make their way to the New York Hilton Midtown, where supporters were waiting.

"Why don't we do there what we are doing here?” Conway said, adding: "Let's just watch the returns until he is the victor."

Shortly after their arrival at the Hilton, Jason Miller, communications director for the campaign, informed Conway that the "AP called it."

"I said, ‘Which state?’ He said, ‘The race,’" Conway said.

She told the paper that Donald Trump Jr. hoisted her up into the air in celebration, "And I said, 'Oh my God, we won.'"

Then Conway received a phone call from Huma Abedin, a top aide to Clinton:

I looked down, it said "Huma Abedin," and she said, "Hi Kellyanne, it's Huma." I said, "Hey Huma, how are you?" She answered, "Secretary Clinton would like to talk to Mr. Trump." I said, "Now?" She said, "If he is available." I said he was available. And I said, "There you go."

Conway added that she sent Vice President-elect Mike Pence over to stand by Trump during the phone call “for good measure to make sure Clinton conceded.”

"And she did, and she was very gracious,” Conway said. “She congratulated him, and she conceded to him."

In the interview about the campaign and her long career, Conway also praised actress Kate McKinnon's portrayal of her on “Saturday Night Live”:

She has really captured me, from my struggle with my bad-hair, an ongoing saga for decades, to my mannerisms, to the fact that she is wearing the exact dresses that I own. It is really very sweet.

Conway added that she’s optimistic about the incoming administration: "I am looking forward to being part of helping his vision work, and lift up the American people."

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