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Man convicted of Obama death threats running for office — and he has some controversial beliefs

Nathan Larson was sentenced to 16 months in prison by a federal judge for threatening to kill former President Barack Obama. Now he wants to run for office. (Image source: WUSA-TV)

Eight years ago, Nathan Daniel Larson emailed the Secret Service and threatened to kill then-President Barack Obama in what he said was an act of civil disobedience.

Larson was sentenced to 16 months in prison by a federal judge. But now, he wants to run for office.

According to WUSA-TV, Larson has enough signatures in at least one county to run for a seat in Virginia's House of Delegates. And the self-proclaimed libertarian has some unusual beliefs.

Larson does not believe women should have the right to vote, WUSA reported.

"I think women want male leadership and so men have to be strong," Larson said. "Men have to take the stances they believe are right, and women will respect that."

WUSA reported that Larson also said he believes fathers should be able to marry their daughters as he thinks fathers would have a greater interest in caring for offspring as opposed to someone marrying into the family.

When asked his thoughts on prominent female Republicans — such as Ivanka Trump and United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley — Larson didn't provide any opinion.

As WUSA noted, in the state of Virginia, a person loses voting rights once convicted of a felony. And one must be able to vote in order to run for office in Virginia.

Larson's voting rights were restored in August when Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-Va.) restored the voting rights of approximately 13,000 convicted felons.

While Larson says he is a libertarian, the Libertarian Party of Virginia told WUSA that he will not run under their party name.

"There's no chance he'll be running with this party," state party Chairman Bo Brown said. "He should be able to run, but if you continue to run, your character will come into question."

Larson said he plans to run as an independent.

"If you’re independent, it just means you’re the one who’s running an experimental campaign," Larson said. "Sometimes it may mean you’re ahead of your time."

WUSA reported that Larson ran for Congress as a Libertarian in 2008. He lost to incumbent Rob Wittman (R).

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