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DNC Chairman Tom Perez: 'No human being is illegal

DNC Chairman Tom Perez said Monday at an immigrant workers' march that "no human being is illegal." Perez offered the Democratic Party's support to the protesters. (George Frey/Getty Images)

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez spoke Monday at the MayDay Action March, an immigrant workers' rally, and touted the party's liberal line on the issue of illegal immigration.

Perez offered the Democratic Party's support to the protesters, many of whom were illegal immigrants.

"The Democratic Party will always be here, fighting for you," Perez said at a rally outside the White House. "The Democratic Party is here, fighting for you."

According to the Daily Caller, Perez went on to express that the party and the immigrant community have similar core values, which start with diversity at the forefront.

"Our nation's diversity is our greatest strength," Perez said to the group of protesters, repeating a mantra long held by immigration activists.

Instead of referring to President Donald Trump by name, Perez addressed the president without using names or even titles.

"Our most important power is not the mister in the White House, I can’t even mention his name, the power is with all of you," he said.

"No human being is illegal, we must treat everyone with dignity,” Perez added, according to the Daily Caller.

Perez also added a laundry list of priorities the Democratic Party will be working toward.

"We will be fighting for racial justice, economic justice, and moral justice," he said.

May Day, also known as International Workers' Day, is historically a holiday promoted and supported by socialist and communist groups worldwide. It is also viewed as one of the most important holidays in communist countries like North Korea, China, and Cuba.

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