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Keith Olbermann goes off in profane, vicious attack on Trump's Comey firing

Image source: TheBlaze

Keith Olbermann's latest video from GQ's "The Resistance" — featuring commentary about President Donald Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey — was heavily supported by a slew of vulgar tweets posted to his account over the last 24 hours.

In the video, Olbermann tackled Trump's decision to fire Comey and said, "Donald Trump has declared war on the legal system, moved to overrule the spirit of the Constitution, and enacted a coup against the ideals of the United Staets of America."

He continued, "At this hour, one of two things is already and irretrievably underway: either the end of Trump, or the end of American democracy, because both cannot continue, because simply — you cannot fire the man who is investigating you."

"You cannot fire the man who is investigating you," Olbermann emphatically repeated. "Even the dumb people will understand what you are trying to get away with."

Insinuating that Trump is utterly guilty of a coverup, Olbermann continued, "To do so is to immediately and irreversibly take whatever problems you face, whatever investigations you have to suffer, whatever crimes you may or may not have already committed, and to magnify and multiply them by a number so large it almost cannot be counted."

"It is, by itself, a coverup," he said, again referencing firing "the man who is investigating you."

"Donald Trump should be impeached as president today," Olbermann said.

The passion portrayed in his video didn't end there, however.

Olbermann took to his Twitter account from the time news broke that Trump had fired Comey on Tuesday night and continued his tirade well into Wednesday.

See some of his more vicious tweets below, as well as the original "Resistance" video.

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