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Marco Rubio causes a frenzy among journalists by tweeting Bible verses

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) took to Twitter to share some Bible verses on Tuesday. The reaction caused some frenzy within the media. (Getty Images)

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio caused a stir among media figures Tuesday when he tweeted out Bible verses from John 14:27 and Proverbs 16:3 from his personal Twitter account.



Rubio, who is Catholic, was quoting John 14:27, which was part of the day's gospel reading by the Catholic church and was displayed on the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' website. Rubio apparently added the verse from Proverbs on his own.

Upon seeing these tweets from the senator, some political pundits began to speculate why Rubio would be posting these verses. One such voice was Leah McElrath of the leftist website Shareblue. She called the tweets "unsettling."

McElrath began to speculate why Rubio was posting these tweets.

Author and journalist Allison Glock joined McElrath's speculation and questioned whether or not Rubio knows something the public doesn't.

Beauty writer Elizabeth Hertzig tweeted that someone should check Rubio's health status.

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post said that Rubio either didn't send out the tweet himself, or he had "totally lost it."


Politico's Marc Caputo pointed out to Rubin that Rubio is a religious man who was echoing the Catholic church's daily reading. However, Caputo conceded to Rubin's point, to which Rubin responded by calling Rubio "totally tone deaf" and suggested the senator was replaced with a "high school prom king."

Esquire's Charles Pierce went so far as to call Rubio's Bible quoting "oddly terrifying."


Time will tell if Rubio was tweeting these verses as a subtle nod to events within the news cycle. At this time, Rubio has not said anything about the incident.

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