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Watch: CNN reporter diagnoses problem with the mainstream media — and he absolutely nails it

CNN media reporter Dylan Byers explains why many conservative Americans feel disenfranchised by the mainstream media. (Image source: YouTube)

One of President Donald Trump's biggest complaints during last year's presidential election, one that has followed him into the White House, was his belief that the mainstream media was biased against him. He even created the moniker "fake news media," which he still uses to refer to the press.

And according to CNN media reporter Dylan Byers, there is likely some truth to Trump's sentiment, which is shared by a large majority on the conservative end of the political spectrum.

Though he didn't outright concede that the mainstream press is biased against Trump, Byers admitted on CNN last Friday that the media has a tendency to ignore the stories of conservative Americans while reporting the "arc of history" from a progressive point of view.

Byers, who has long reported on and analyzed the media, explained that many in the news industry are trying to bridge the gap that exists between the press and "conservatives that don't trust the media."

"Maybe, you can't," Byers said. "They're just not paying attention to it because they don't trust us."

Byers then diagnosed the problem with the media and explained why exactly it is that conservatives don't trust the mainstream press.

"On occasion, more than the media would probably like to admit, we have not told the story of conservative Americans — disenfranchised Americans — who believe that they are losing their country," Byers explained. "The story we have largely been telling is a story that is more or less in step with the arc of history as defined by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton."

"That doesn’t mean we favor them to win," the reporter added. "It just means that that sort of vision of a progressive future — a global future — and that is not one that resonates with so many conservative American voters."

Byers went on to explain that Trump has "exploited" the "chasm" between the press and conservative America, which "laid the foundation" of animosity between Republicans and the press.

That animosity climaxed last week when then-congressional candidate Greg Gianforte (R) assaulted a member of the media, Ben Jacobs of The Guardian. Despite being charged by authorities with assault, Gianforte went on to win the special election.

Indeed, a recent study from Harvard University proved what many already believed was true, that the mainstream media has been unfair to Trump in the opening days of his presidency. The study found that on average, major media outlets — including Fox News — covered Trump's presidency in a negative fashion 80 percent of the time during his first 100 days in the White House.

Among major American news outlets, the study found that CNN and NBC News were the worst offenders, as they covered Trump negatively more than 90 percent of the time.

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