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Watch: Students at Trump’s alma mater give hilariously stupid answers when asked about the president

Fox News host Jesse Watters interviews students at the University of Pennsylvania about one of the school's most famous graduates, President Donald Trump. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

What do students at the University of Pennsylvania, the Ivy League college where President Donald Trump attended business school, think of the president, now one of the school’s most famous and important alumni? Fox News host Jesse Watters set out to get answers, and what he found will make you wonder how these kids were ever accepted to a top academic institution like UPenn.

On Saturday evening’s episode of “Watters’ World,” Watters aired a video of him interviewing students at UPenn to see what they think of Trump.

Watters asked the students whether they were happy that the Republicans and Trump are now pushing for significant tax reform.

“I don’t pay taxes yet,” one student replied.

“Oh, well that sounds great!” said another.

“No, I’m going to say there is some ulterior motive there,” one student said.

Watters also asked students if they are proud to attend a college Trump once graduated from.

“Not so proud,” one student said. “That’s not a good thing.”

“Most of the people at Penn did not vote for President Trump,” another student replied.

Watters referred to Trump as the University of Pennsylvania’s “most famous graduate” to one student, who remarked, “I think our most famous graduate is Noam Chomsky.”

“Noam Chomsky, the communist?” Watters said

“That’s one way to put it,” the student responded.

One female student said she doesn’t like the president because of his views on “LGBTQ rights and “women’s rights.”

“Isn’t Trump pro-gay marriage?” Watters asked the student.

“Is he?” the puzzled student said after a long pause.

Although it’s not a surprise students at an elite college hold anti-Trump views, it’s worth noting the University of Pennsylvania actually performed much better than many of its peers in having a relatively balanced faculty, at least in terms of party affiliation.

In a study published by Econ Journal Watch, researchers analyzed the party affiliation of professors at 40 top universities. The researchers found among the Ivy League schools studied, UPenn had the lowest ratio of Democrats to Republicans (about six Democrats for every one Republican). While that’s clearly not “balanced,” it’s far better than Brown University (60 to one), Columbia (30 to one) or Princeton (30 to one).

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