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Witches cast disturbing ‘binding’ spells against Trump as part of ‘the resistance’

On Wednesday, a large Facebook group composed of self-described “witches” cast spells to “bind” President Donald Trump “and all those who abet him.” (Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

On Wednesday, a large Facebook group composed of self-described “witches” cast spells to “bind” President Donald Trump “and all those who abet him.”

The group, which calls itself “Bind Trump,” has more than 2,000 members. Although it’s unclear exactly how many people participated in the event, on the night of the alleged binding ceremony, dozens posted pictures and videos of their anti-Trump rituals.

The witches’ event was scheduled to correspond with the waning crescent moon, and the group’s members used an organized liturgy to wish evil on Trump’s agenda.

Participants were instructed to gather a number of “components” to aid them in their efforts, including a tower tarot card, “an unflattering picture of Trump,” candles, a “Small bowl of water, representing elemental Water,” an ashtray “or a dish of sand” and a feather.

The witches are then instructed to call on “spirits” and “Demons of the infernal realms” to “bind” Trump so “that his malignant works may fail utterly” and to prevent him from harming humans, trees, animals and rocks, among other things.

The witches also condemn “those who enable [Trump’s] wickedness” and ask demons to “Strike down their towers of vanity.”

At the conclusion of this disturbing ceremony, which is quite extensive, the witches are instructed, “Afterward, ground yourself by having a good, hearty laugh, jumping up and down, clapping your hands, stomping your feet, and having a bite to eat. Grounding is very important—don’t neglect it. And remember—he hates people laughing at him.”

The group identifies itself with the anti-Trump “resistance,” a leftist movement backed by high-profile liberals like documentarian Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann. In addition to sharing their demonic (their words) requests, the group members also share the Twitter handles and phone numbers of U.S. senators, an “Anti-Social Guide to Resisting Trump” and the left-wing “Resistance Calendar.”

Future binding events are scheduled for July 21, August 19, September 18, October 17 and many other dates, ending in December 2020, one of the final months of Trump’s first term in office.

According to a report by CBN News, Daniel Asore, a rabbi in Israel, told Breaking Israel News people shouldn’t take these kinds of ceremonies lightly.

"Witchcraft, or its real name, Satanism, is explicitly a power struggle, which is why it is so readily dragged into politics. Satanism, in its essence, pits the adversary against God," Asore said.

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