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In heartwarming interview, star NFL quarterback reveals his secret to a successful marriage: Jesus

At an appearance in late June 2017 at Rock Church in San Diego NFL quarterback Philip Rivers told Pastor Miles McPherson faith is the key to his marriage's success. (2014 file photo/Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Philip Rivers has had a wildly successful NFL career with the San Diego Chargers (soon to be Los Angeles Chargers), appearing in six Pro Bowls and earning tens of millions of dollars. But despite his success on the field, Rivers hasn’t lost focus on what matters most to him: his faith.

At an appearance in late June at Rock Church in San Diego, an evangelical Christian congregation, Rivers told Pastor Miles McPherson about his journey to the NFL, which began in a small town in northern Alabama, where he met his wife of 16 years, Tiffany, in middle school. Rivers and his wife got married when Rivers was just 19 years old, and they now have eight children.

When discussing the importance of his marriage, Rivers, a devoted member of the Roman Catholic Church, said the key to his successful marriage is having Jesus as the “foundation.”

“I think that the center of our marriage and the foundation of our relationship was on Jesus,” Rivers said. “That is why it’s worked to this point.”

Rivers has spoken openly about the importance of his Christian faith on numerous occasions. In 2014, Rivers received an honorary degree from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., and during a speech he gave at the ceremony, he told the crowd how faith has remained a key part of his life.

"My faith is the most important thing in my life," Rivers said.

“Tiffany and I work hard to cultivate a fun culture of morality, encouragement, and unconditional love, and the freedom to fail. You protect the things you value by preparing, praying, planning, setting goals, working hard, and being intentional … leaving nothing to chance. Tiffany always tells me as I walk out the door to head to the stadium, after we say one Hail Mary together, ‘Do your best, and let God do the rest.’"

(H/T: CBN News)

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