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Rookie cop tries to use her badge and police influence to dodge a DUI — see what happens next

Image source: TheBlaze

Stephanie Roggina, a rookie police officer from the Scotch Plains Police Department in New Jersey, was pulled over for drunk driving on Aug. 26, 2016, but she was caught by the arresting officer's dashcam attempting to weasel her way out of a citation or arrest.

The Trentonian reported that Roggina was followed by a lieutenant from another borough, and after she tapped a guardrail, was pulled over by the police officer.

In the video, you can hear Roggina — as she's being handcuffed — say, “I’m a cop. I work in Scotch Plains. My number is 140.”

The arresting officer responds, “Well, then you should know better, right?”

Undettered, Roggina attempted to use a former boss, retired Scotch Plains Police Chief Brian Mahoney, asking the lieutenant whether or not he knew Mahoney.

The arrest of the rookie cop had been reported in 2016, but The Trentonian obtained the dashcam footage and published the video after the newspaper was sued in order to force it public.

The Trentonian reported that Roggina had only been on the force for two months, but after the DUI, was immediately suspended without pay.

Roggina served no jail time, but was indicted on one count of resisting arrest. Roggina pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct, and as a result, she was ordered to pay a fine.

The Trentonian has not verified whether or not Roggina is still on the police force.

See the bizarre exchange between Roggina and the arresting officer in the video below.

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