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Rush Limbaugh blasts Republicans, says they're not even trying anymore
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Rush Limbaugh blasts Republicans, says they're not even trying anymore

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Monday slammed the Republican Party for not doing enough to get their political agenda furthered.

During his nationally syndicated radio show, Limbaugh vented his frustration that Republicans are "squandering" their opportunities as they have control of both the White House and Congress.

Noting that the general public likely feels as if the liberal media and the Democratic Party still run things, Limbaugh said, "Six months into a Republican administration, after how many years of promises to, say, repeal Obamacare, and we’re not an inch closer to it in reality than we were before last year’s election?"

He continued, "It’s not gonna get any better than this. The only way it could get better is if this Republican majority were populated by more conservatives and different ideological types."

Bringing up Trump's issues with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and why more isn't being done to investigate former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Limbaugh said that it doesn't appear Republicans are up to "play the game."

“What Trump is talking about here ... why aren’t these Republican committees, why aren’t these Republican investigators — why isn’t my attorney general — looking into Hillary Clinton’s crimes?" Limbaugh mused.

"If you’re gonna investigate what all went on with Russia, how in the world do you leave the Democrats out of it?" he asked. "How do you leave Hillary Clinton out of it? The Republicans run the show! It’s time for the Republicans to start acting like it. Politics is what it is. The Republicans don’t appear to want to play the game.”

Last week, Limbaugh noted that the GOP and much of America is waging a silent coup against the president.

During a podcast, he said, "How do we get no evidence of anything into five investigations on Capitol Hill, numerous media investigations, and the big investigation by the real pros: The CIA, the NSA, and the FBI?” Limbaugh asked. “There’s nothing. There’s not a scintilla. There’s not a whit. There’s no evidence whatsoever.”

“It takes a lot of people conspiring together to make this happen,” Limbaugh continued.

Piggybacking off of his comments, Limbaugh ominously added, "I think it has a purposeful, studied effort and outcome, which is a coup. We are watching a silent coup here to oust a duly elected president, and this coup is being mounted by career government people who can traffic anonymously and who are protected by people in the media and within the Democrat Party."

Hear the whole of Monday's segment in the video below.

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