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Maxine Waters has some surprising thoughts about an all-black political party

Image source: TheBlaze

Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) said that she believes there's a possibility for an all-black political party during a discussion about blacks and politics during an appearance on "The Breakfast Club" radio show on Monday.

When asked directly whether or not she thought now was the time for blacks to have their own political party, Waters answered, "No, not at this point."

"You have to show that you're willing and you're able to put the numbers together and exercise your influence," she explained of her answer.

Noting that blacks "still are not voting our influence yet," Waters suggested that blacks should "organize our power, exercise our power — particularly in the Democratic Party, because that's where most of us are."

She then claimed that when the power of blacks are "strong enough," forming their own political party would be feasible.

Noting that an all-black party would be reasonable after blacks fully engage in politics, she added, "Then you can raise that kind of question — whether we are strong enough to talk about organizing another party."

See the full segment in the video below.

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