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White Antifa protester sucker punches man of color in Phoenix — and check out the sign he's holding

With a bandana covering his face, an Antifa goon sucker punches a man of color after a rally for Republican President Donald Trump in Phoenix on Tuesday night. (Image source: Twitter video screenshot)

You saw much of what happened outside of Republican President Donald Trump's rally in Phoenix — the protests, the chanting, the Antifa faithful doing battle with police — and getting painful (if not hilarious) payback for their behavior.

But one scene that unfolded after Tuesday night's rally pretty much underscores how low some on the left are willing to go to get their point across.

Two separate videos shot by mainstream journalists showed a confrontation between anti-Trump protesters and a group of people making their way down a street in a pickup truck.

The first video shows the driver of the pickup truck outside his vehicle arguing with protesters near a crosswalk. Then a man of color approaches the driver, grabs hold of him and walks them both back to the pickup truck, presumably to de-escalate the situation.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

After man of color hops into the bed of the pickup, the driver attempts to leave the scene when a white Antifa protester — wearing a bandana over his face and an orange cap — rushes at the pickup and punches the man of color in the head while he's looking in another direction.

Here's the first video:

If that doesn't sufficiently underscore the hypocrisy of some on the left who continue to defend the actions of violent Antifa members, a second video shows the sign the Antifa goon is holding as he delivers his sucker punch — and it speaks volumes.

It reads: "I [heart] my Muslim neighbor."

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

That same Antifa thug can be seen following the pickup in an earlier shot with the man of color sitting in the pickup's bed:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Check out the second clip here. (Content warning: Rough language):

Liberal hypocrisy

Of course, the Antifa thug who threw the sucker punch doesn't represent the entirety of liberals or those against Trump. But there's a ton of hypocrisy going on that you'd hope liberals would, you know, disavow. For some reason that word has a familiar ring to it.

You have 1) a white Antifa member 2) punching 3) a man of color 4) while he's looking in another direction and 5) moving away from the scene in a vehicle. To top it off, the Antifa attacker is holding a sign declaring how much he loves Muslims while he delivers the cowardly blow.

Liberals and the left are supposed to be the champions of people of color. They're supposed to be the segment of America full of love — as opposed to those heartless Republicans. After all, the guy's sign said it. Big ol' red heart. Must be true.

That scene ought to be an embarrassment to liberals — some of whom have gone so far as to compare the actions of Antifa to the World War II allies who fought Hitler overseas — and should get a bit more attention than chatter on social media.

(H/T: Young Conservatives)

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