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BBC gives platform to trans model: Whites are 'most violent and oppressive force of nature

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The British Broadcasting Corporation provided British mixed-race trans model Munroe Bergdorf a platform from which to discuss her distaste directed against the white race, as well as her opinions on "inherited" and inherent racism in white people.

What did she say?

Speaking on the Thursday edition of BBC's "This Week," Bergdorf took at swipe at all of Britain, and insinuated that the country is anything but inclusive.

"What kind of country is modern Britain?" she asked. "No doubt it’s a country that likes to think of itself as inclusive, but that depends on where you’re standing."

She added, "For me, as a transgender mixed-race person, we live in a deeply racist society."

"Why should we expect anything else from a country that’s built its success on the enslavement of non-white people?" Bergdorf asked, and added that a "continuous cycle" of racism will only continue.

She said that racism is inherent, and explained that white people "need to understand that racism is not learned," but instead, "inherited."

"[It's] either consciously or unconsciously passed down through privilege," Bergdorf explained.

"The uncomfortable truth is that the white race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on earth," she concluded.

Is this the first time she's made these types of comments?


Bergdorf was fired from L'Oréal in September for making similar comments.

The transgender model made the same claims on her Facebook page, asserting that all white people are inherently racist.

She wrote, "Honestly, I don’t have energy to talk about the racial violence of white people anymore. Yes ALL white people."

After she was fired, Bergdorf attempted to clarify her comments and said that she had been misquoted. Bergdorf later hit back at L'Oréal over her termination.

"This makeup brand cares about nothing but MONEY,” Bergdorf wrote on Facebook. “I urge you to boycot [sic] L’Oréal Paris. I can’t express how disappointed I am in the entire team in dealing with misquotes that were entirely placed out of context."

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